"Choosing a concept is the beginning of every project. Many times the concept is based on nature"


Definition of INTERIOR DESIGN:

For me, Interior Design is the way of communicating feelings from creativity, innovation and the knowledge of techniques to create a unique space that improves the personal and professional life of the people.

What is the first step to start an interior design?

The first step is to create a concept, an objective. This concept will follow us throughout the whole project process.

The objective of every interior design project?

Without a doubt to make the client's dream and to achieve the concept / objective set at the beginning.

Two characteristics that include your designs in general:

Simplicity and elegance.

A decorative style:

Warm minimalism! I like pure and straight lines, but I do not like that the space evokes coldness, with the help of materials we can get the effect of warmth.

I like to preserve old elements and combine them with modern ones. The wall mouldings, the ceilings, the hydraulic pavements, spider lamps… They are treasures!